We’ve all done it, that dang procrastination! If you’re anything like me you’ll probably find the source behind this hinderance will generally begin with something like this:

“I’ll quickly check facebook then I’ll definitely start my assignment!” I think many of us can agree with that statement – not much work is achieved post facebook-check. It’s not our fault that Jenny has posted 500 pictures that absolutely-need-to-be-looked-at-’cause-she’s-lost-a-lot-of-weight-and-is-looking-pretty-good-right-now.

After thoroughly analysing Jenny’s weight loss and binge eating tim tams – while wondering why you don’t look like that – we move on to phase two of procrastination, food. It’s common knowledge that studying on an empty stomach will do you no favours, so it’s in your best interest to make a snack now. 45 minutes later and you’ve made the best chocolate muffins Betty Crocker has ever seen.

After this amazing level of baking that you’re still reeling over, you probably receive a message from a friend that asks A) Do I want to see “The Hunger Games” and B) have I seen Jenny’s new pics on facebook? Youtube is necessary to view a trailer that I’ve seen ten times already. Only to discover that Youtube is a dark hole, if you will, where determination to complete something is sucked in to the abyss – not to be seen again until the day before submission. Two hours of heartfelt interviews, music videos, marriage proposals and comedians later have taken a toll emotionally, and it’s probably time to unwind. This is stage four of procrastination (but let’s admit, procrastination was cannon style ejected from your priorities a looonngg time ago, and now you’re just looking for something to ease that guilty naggy feeling).

Next we come to the long shower, where hair is shaved from places you’ve never seen before, and hair masks are utilized from those tiny packages (that you always buy and forget about) and you moisturize so thoroughly it takes ten minutes to absorb! Then your night will probably follow something like this; singing in to the mirror with whatever song is playing, pretending that you’re in the music video, Perez Hilton, Post Secret, Facebook returns, followed by an excessive amount of Vampire Diaries/Jersey Shore.

By the time you’ve accomplished absolutely crap all it’s too late to do study anyway (take that guilt) and you go to bed solemnly swearing that tomorrow is the day that you’re going to get so much done it’ll be ridiculous. And we all know how that story ends…

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