By Jesse Adams


Over three decades ago audiences were terrified by Alien, the science fiction masterwork that kick-started Director Ridley Scott’s career. Now he returns us to those hauntingly familiar extra-terrestrial corridors in Prometheus.

Questions have surrounded this not-strictly-speaking prequel since the launch of its first trailer in late 2011.

Questions are also, arguably, the crux of the film. More specifically, questions of origins, and how far we are willing to go to discover them. This leads to the question: ‘what if you discover something you wish you hadn’t?’

We follow the the eager Dr Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) on her expedition to a distant moon in a far off star cluster.

She and her crew travel on the carrier ship Prometheus,   in search of life. Ideally,  life that has visited us before, and could hold the answer to our origin.

Alongside Rapace are familiar faces such as Michael Fassbender as David, an android with unclear motives and Charlize Theron as the uncompromising Meredith Vickers, the overseer of the expedition.

Other notable cast members include Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall Green and a pleasant cameo from Patrick Wilson.

This is no ordinary sci-fi flick, but rather a thought provoking reflection of human nature, as many Ridley Scott films are.

This is not to say that it lacks what made Alien the cornerstone of sci-fi horror.  Prometheus meets expectations with eerie execution; haunting us with a tense atmosphere and a return to ‘sonar blips’ that leave you wishing the crew knew what you knew awaited them around each corner.

Although, in my opinion it by no means is a ‘scary’ movie, Prometheus still proves to be an atmospheric, scene setting gem.

Regarding special effects, Prometheus raises the bar and jumps clean over it, dazzling with disturbingly real aliens, landscapes and a third act that will set the mark for years to come.

Being an Alien fan, it’s hugely rewarding to see Prometheus resurrect all the elements that made Alien the icon it is, which the subsequent Alien films (excluding Aliens) seem to have lost.
The gripping atmosphere and sheer ambition that Ridley Scott presented back in 1979 is at the forefront of Prometheus, making it a true return to form for a franchise that has lately lost its way (cough-AVP2-cough).

Bottom line, Prometheus stands head and shoulders over most prequels, considering the expectations it had to live up to. While it might not be the terrifying nail-biter that was Alien, it is very hard to fault (unless you’re getting nit-picky).

As a prequel it is a crowning achievement in the Alien series. As a pure movie experience Prometheus is A-grade, providing answers to some questions while creating more. This should move to the top of your ‘must see list’, fan or not.

ReViewed by Jesse Adams

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