True life stories generally have a niche quality and character to them; maybe because they are credible than the usual make believe fiction.

Then, French Cinema always has had a classical, elegant charm to its movies, where stories and concepts create magic on screen.

Combine the two, and you get Renoir: a beautifully enchanting story of the French painter and his muse.

RENOIR-still-2 Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

The synopsis for Renoir, courtesy Transmission Films, is as follows:

‘In his twilight years, Pierre-Auguste Renoir is tormented by the loss of his wife, the pains of arthritic old age and the terrible news that his son Jean has been wounded in action.

But when a young girl miraculously enters his world, the old painter is filled with a new, wholly unexpected energy.

Blazing with life, radiantly beautiful Andrée will become his last model, and the wellspring of a remarkable rejuvenation.

Back at the family home to convalesce, Jean too falls under the spell of the new, redheaded star in the Renoir firmament.

In their Mediterranean Eden – and in the face of his father’s fierce opposition – he falls in love with this wild, untameable spirit… and as he does so, within weak-willed, battle-shaken Jean, a filmmaker begins to grow.’

RENOIR-still-4 Courtesy Transmission Films

Courtesy Transmission Films

Renoir is an elegance breathing drama, that with its exceptional cinematography leaves the audience mesmerized, wanting an encore.

Rating: 3.5 stars

By Joseph Rana


Pubic Relations Strategist, Movie Critic and Freelance Contributor at local Sydney Media Outlets and Sydney Editor at Student View.

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