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The entrance to the Lonsdale st store

Roll’d is a Vietnamese chain which started in Melbourne. It started in 2011-2012 in Melbourne’s CBD and they are growing. They now have about 15 stores all over Melbourne.


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Some of the chips that they have


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They give out Free B as part of their opening promotions. Each store will do that to entice their customers


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Roll’d is mainly a takeaway shop but they do have some seating. I loved the one in SAB where it was welcoming and it was an actual place- the others are all in the food courts of major shopping centres.

In the beginning they used to just sell rice paper rolls (soldiers) and Banh mi (sandwiches). A Banh mi (Vietnamese pork roll) at Roll’d is about $7-$9. I never really go there for the banh mi as I can buy them for cheaper elsewhere. I go there for the soldiers and the bun (rice vermicelli with spring rolls). They cater for vegetarians and gluten free.2013-11-22 14.54.20

They also now have combos which include the pho (rice noodle soup), rice paper rolls and iced tea.

Standards between stores vary, but I really liked the RMIT SAB store as it is always clean and the staff are super friendly. I have had worse elsewhere.








Tell us about your experience with Roll’d.
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Roll'd on UrbanspoonRoll'd on Urbanspoon

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