The everyday characters of a local Australian cricket club come to life in this Australian comedy. Save Your Legs follows an unlikely bunch of D-grade cricketers, the Abbotsford Anglers, as they find themselves representing Australia on tour in India.

Save Your Legs

Save Your Legs

Club president and life-long cricket tragic, Teddy, played by Stephen Curry, leads his team of amateur misfits from the backblocks of Melbourne to the glamour of Bollywood. He is hoping to re-ignite the team’s passion for cricket and their boyhood friendships, which are both slipping away as mid-life pressures overtake them.

Vice-president, Stav played by Damon Gameau, Captain Ricky, played by Brendan Cowell, and the rest of his team give Teddy plenty of headaches along the way. Despite Teddy’s determination for success on the field, his team is much more interested in enjoying the sights and sounds of India.

This movie takes viewers on an exciting journey, with enough on-field action to keep the cricket fans happy, but with laughter, romance and lessons about life that make it more than just a cricket film.

Don’t expect a grandiose epic, but director Boyd Hicklin has delivered a well-balanced, family-friendly comedy, that doesn’t drag on like a 5-day test match. The sceptics out there will be pleasantly surprised, it turns out a movie about cricket can be exciting. Save Your Legs! – Pad up and have a crack at it.

By Geoff Kyle
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