The Secret Garden World with Photographer Hannah Whittaker

Immerse yourself in the whimsical beauty of Mother Nature through the camera lens of student photographer Hannah Whittaker. We spoke to Hannah to gain some insight into what inspires her stunning work.

SV: Hi Hannah! What a pleasure it is to have you on our team. What’s your background and what are your hobbies? 

HW: My name is Hannah Whittaker. I’m 19 years old and currently studying Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at Curtin University. One day, I’d like to work in publishing. I’m originally from the country and moved up to Perth to go to University. In my spare time I love taking photos, listening to music, reading and watching Netflix.  

SV: Can you describe yourself using 3 adjectives?

HW: Quiet, persistent and competitive. 

SV: If you were a flower, animal or object – what would you be and why?

HW: I think I would be a canvas because they never stay blank forever and over time they can develop into something unique as more layers are added. I hope with the more things I learn, the more unique I’ll become.

SV: Favourite photograph you’ve taken?

HW: I often take photographs of different flowers, however the image above is my favourite. I like its simplicity and the contrast between the bright colouring of the rose and the darkness of the surrounding leaves. This one is special to me.

SV: What inspires your photography?

HW: I’m not sure what my inspiration for photography is. In saying this, I am the type of person who likes to do things the best that I can. I am a perfectionist that way. l think that shows through how many photos I take to get the one I truly love. I think if anything, it’s just being inspired by other people’s photography and wanting to make my own better.

SV: Where is your favourite place to take photographs?

HW: At the moment, my favourite place to take photographs is in my garden. I like to explore and there is always something more to discover each day I go out to photograph. I’m not particularly picky. Wherever I can take photographs I will. I’m really into landscape photography at the moment, so eventually I’d like to do more with that and find a favourite place away from my house.

SV: Who is your favourite photographer who you look up to and how do they inspire you?

HW: I am inspired by two particular photographers whose work I really enjoy. The first is Christian Fletcher. I love the colours in his photographs and the unique perspectives in which he captures the Australian landscape. The second photographer is Bryan Castillo. His work consists of portraits and landscapes with beautiful colouring and aspects of magic. His creativity is something I aspire to one day achieve with my own photography.

SV: Where do you want photography to take you?

HW: I take photographs for myself; it’s my way of relaxing and focusing on something else for a while. I never expected that anyone else would take an interest in what I was capturing. Everyday I’m learning something new, and if I were ever offered the chance to do photography professionally every so often I would take it. 

All photos credited to Hannah Whittaker.

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