Senator Scott Ludlam is on FIRE

Scott Ludlam

There’s no two ways about this, the Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam is on fire!

Last week he delivered a welcome to the Prime Minister Tony Abbott to come to Western Australia before the WA senate is voted on again.

Senator Ludlam will be fighting for his political life when the WA senate recount happens on the 5th of April. The recount was required after about 1,000 votes were lost at the Federal election last year. Such a small number of votes was critical to the election of Scott Ludlam and Wayne Dropulich. The results were contested in court by Clive Palmer’s political party.

Scott Ludlam’s speech was delivered at 10pm, when most senators had gone for the day. But the video of his speech has gone viral and is well worth a watch.

 You can watch the full video below.

And now he has completed a complete smackdown on Chris Kenny. Kenny of course is the guy who was embarrassed by the ABC’s The Hamster Decides late last year.

Chris Kenny’s lawyers argued the show in September 2013 was defamatory because it implied he had sexual intercourse with a dog and was low, contemptible and disgusting.

Since then the legal battles have continued with some sort of a resolution expected to be reached in the near future.

Clearly Scott Ludlam isn’t much of a fan though. Chris Kenny requested Scott Ludlam’s details so that he could be invited on to Kenny’s show. This was Scott Ludlam’s response.

Scott Ludlam is becoming very good at creating a profile and getting attention. Let’s hope he stays in the senate just for the entertainment he provides – which is more than many politicians can say.

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