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If you are a fan of the UK series Skins, you have to check out the hit Norwegian Teen Drama Web Series that the world is obsessing over – “SKAM”. The series premiered in 2015, but has only recently caught the attention of international audiences. It is exclusively web based and airs primarily on the website of NRK. As international audiences flock to watch the drama, the show has been kindly translated so the world over can fall deeply in love with the phenomenon that is SKAM!

SKAM (Norwegian for “Shame”) follows the daily lives of teenagers at the Hartvig Nissen School, a preparatory high school in West End Oslo, Norway. Each season follows a new character and focuses on different topics.


Season One

Follows Eva, a nervous and insecure sixteen year old who has relationship difficulties with her long-time boyfriend Jonas. This season explores loneliness, identity and sense of belonging. Eva’s story is about finding friendship and solidarity in a group of girls who protect, care and support each other. An empowering story of coming of age –  just like real life. Iconic.


Season Two

Focuses on Noora, a headstrong feminist who strikes an unlikely romance with popular ladies man William. This season delves into feminism, eating disorders and sexual assault.


Season Three

Focuses on Isak, a baby faced teen coming to terms with his sexuality. This season explores themes of love, homosexuality, mental health, illness and religion.


No this isn’t a SKAM!

So maybe you have never heard about SKAM before, well that’s the point! In a twist of plots, producers of the series wanted young audiences to find the series on their own through word of mouth. A clever tactic to keep parents away from criticizing the acclaimed series and their presentation of teenage identity and sexuality. The characters in the series have social media profiles that fans can follow and interact with.

The controversial and emotional scenes are raw and impeccably acted. The series has received positive reviews for its accurate portrayal of sexual abuse and homosexuality. In an attempt to remain organic, the actors are shown with little glamour as true to the teenage form with messy hair, acne and mismatched clothes. The series is refreshing and audiences can relate deeply to the beauty of finding one’s identity.

Anna Leszkiewicz of New Statesman wrote in April 2017 about the show and its impact explaining that:

“In its three short seasons, Skam has explored date rape, coming out, mental health issues from anorexia to bipolar disorder, stereotypical perceptions of Islam, and teen pregnancy without ever feeling issue-based: instead, it approaches all these things through universal emotions like loneliness, or feeling misunderstood”

Here is a taste of SKAM: 


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