Snap, Crackle and Pop – What’s so Cool about Snapchat?

Technology has opened the world to new opportunities and possibilities, and given us the freedom to experiment with new ways of communicating with each other. As much as we’re trend setters, we love to follow trends and hop on the bandwagon of whatever’s ‘in-the-now’. Our favourite apps like Twitter and Instagram serve the purpose of keeping us informed in 140 characters or less, and showcasing our photography skills with filtered pictures of our daily adventures. But what about Snapchat?

The app, known by its infamous ghost icon, became our new accessory in 2011 and made taking selfies a lot more fun. Designed to establish ‘in-the-moment’ conversations, with messages that disappear and photo stories that only last for 24 hours, Snapchat has restructured the way we communicate with friends once again.

We, in the younger generations, have found a new and creative way of letting friends know what we’re up to, where we are, and (this is mostly the case) how we’re simply passing the time. With filters, such as dog ears and flower headbands, and location tags, you’d be amazed at how much faster the time flies.

Here are our top five picks for why Snapchat is cool:

  1. Custom and creative; you can take a picture of something in front of you or a selfie and write a caption to it or add some emojis to express your Snap-happy moment, which makes the process of sharing an experience even more personal
  2. Filters; take a break from the everyday look and try a filter of a dog, complete with folded ears and a button-cute nose, to brighten up your day. Businesses make use of these features too, with the likes of McDonald’s creating interactive filters – to remind you of the burger and fries they have just down the road…
  3. Location tags; wherever you might find yourself, you can check whether there’s a location tag for the city you’re in to let friends know where you’ve travelled off to – you can find these when you take a snap and swipe left
  4. Self-destruct timers; this sounds a lot more dangerous than it really is. Instead of sending someone a photo they can go back and look at whenever they want, you can set a time for how long someone can view the picture – which gives Snapchat its feeling of inconsequentiality; shared for only a fleeting moment
  5. To send, or not to send; you get to choose who you send your Snaps to from the in-app contact list – after all, you wouldn’t want to be sending those goofy pics off to the wrong person…

These are just some of the awesome things Snapchat gives you the freedom to get creative with. Let us know what you like about Snapchat, and tell us what your favourite app to use is!

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