Snitch” directed by Ric Waugh is a crime-drama thriller starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which follows the story of teenager Jason Collins (Rafi Gavron) who is set up in a drug deal and is facing ten years of imprisonment.

SnitchTo reduce his son’s sentence, his father (The Rock) risks his own life and goes undercover for the DEA to catch the leaders of some of the most dangerous drug cartels in America.

You don’t have to see many films which star “The Rock” to realise that he was a professional wrestler turned actor, most films starring Johnson portray an invincible action figure who could take out John McClane and Jason Bourne with one hit.

However within “Snitch” this isn’t the case, he’s almost the complete opposite to his portrayal of testosterone fueled characters such as Hobbs in “Fast Five” and Roadblock in “G.I.Joe: Retaliation.”

Within “Snitch” the extent of his physical abilities are being able to lift a large bag of cement and drive a large truck, this is established pretty early within the film when he’s beaten up by a bunch of lowly street thugs.

However despite not being a typical Rock movie, it was the first film I’ve seen in which Johnson has actually showed emotional depth and it was a surprisingly noteworthy performance at that.

Unlike the trailer suggests the film isn’t about a man who makes it his personal job to beat up as many drug dealers as he can. So if you are out to see a remake of “Faster” then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.

“Snitch” is simply about a desperate father who’ll do anything to save his son’s life. So although Johnson may not fight with the strength of a hundred men, the film has its moments and is surprisingly moving.

Overall, although it’s not what you’d expect it’s definitely worth a watch.

By William Finn

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