Street Dance 2 3D

Following the success of it’s 2010 predecessor, Street Dance 2 3D sees the return of Falk Hentschel as american streetdancer Ash, who after being left humiliated in a dance-off against the Invincibles (Britain’s Got Talent finalist Flawless) teams up with Eddie (Britain’s got talent winner of 2008 George Sampson) to gather together Europe’s premier freestylers and have an opportunity to win at the World Championships in Paris.

Ash and Eddie travel through Europe and assemble a superbly skilled bunch of b-boys and -girls, who despite blending into the background in largely nonspeaking roles, the exceptionally talented supporting dancers are the best in their realm. The crew needs an edge though and Ash finds it in an underground salsa club owned by Manu (played by Tom Conti) where super spicy Eva (played by talented Sofia Boutella) is convinced to sign on, and the crew works on marrying the passion of Latin rhythms with the bristling attitude of hip hop.

The film has a weak script and poor acting but as the title suggests, this film is not an Oscar winning drama but a seriously hot dance film. The choreographies are impressive and sexy, containing every element in hip hop and breakdance from roboting, locking, popping to acrobatics and whatever other techniques you could suggest for this genre. The Latin style with its salsa and tango is incorporated effectively as part of the vision of fusion between the two styles, and although the editing of the film makes it at times hard to embrace the full picture, the movie sees some of the best moves on it’s genre and for this alone is worth seeing.

By Laura Rodriguez

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