Student News: 14 December 2013

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Attractive students get better marks

Researchers have discovered that more attractive high school students in the US record higher marks.

USA Today reported that the analysis of approximately 9000 high school students found that the super-attractive students don’t necessarily score the top marks but that there was a correlation between being above-average in looks and getting good grades.

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NAPLAN: Indigenous students’ reading gaining

INDIGENOUS reading results for Year 5 students across the country have improved 20% since 2008 with most of those gains made in the last year according to 2013 NAPLAN results.

The percentage of indigenous students at or above the national minimum standard for reading leapt to 83.3 per cent from 64.7 per cent in 2012, slashing the gap between their non-indigenous peers.

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(USA) Students caught selling exams

TWO students and an ex student at Florida International University ran a scheme to steal and sell exams for $150 each, according to police.

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(UK) Students demonstrate against ‘gender apartheid’

Student are being segregated by gender at universities as academics bow to the beliefs of extremist Islamic speakers.

University authorities are allowing the separation of sexes in fear of infringing the rights of guest speakers.

In some instances, women are forced to sit at the back of the room but in some cases they have been made to sit in a separate room and watch the presentations via television screens.

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(CANADA) Secondary students observe live surgery

A new program for Calgary junior high and high school students offered a very special opportunity to witness a medical procedure

Approximately 150 students observed a live broadcast of a knee surgery conducted on a patient at the Rockyview General Hospital.

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(CANADA) Students more likely to drive after smoking pot than drinking

More Ontario high school students report driving after using marijuana than after having a few drinks, according to a province-wide study tracking substance use among students.

One in 10 student drivers reported getting behind the wheel within an hour of using pot at least once during the past year, according to the latest Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey says.

Student use of 13 other substances surveyed including alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine and meth, has dropped significantly since 1999.

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