Student View is an online portal which aims to bring Australian students together by creating a one stop centre for the community. The website was originally created in 2012, with the goal of giving students an authentic voice to be heard in Australian public discourse. Over the years, we have grown into a platform that has encouraged the wider community to participate in the growing student population. With the future generation in our hands, we are here to inspire, encourage and create content that is exceptional.

The paper currently covers a range of topics such as; Careers, Education, Relationships, Lifestyle, Global Politics, Arts and Science and Advice Columns. The editorial team actively connects with students, organisations and community programs to foster an inclusive and supportive community. Our end goal is to not only enhance student’s academic and personal growth but also positively contribute to the globally conscious and productive graduates they will become.

Australia's Student Newspaper, trying to Improve Student Life. We publish articles written by students from across Australia and the world!

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