Students Increasingly Using the Back Door

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The Huffington Post (in this article) has reported that students in the United States are engaging in more anal sex.

This story was originally written about on Washington State University’s The Daily Evergreen website by Abby Student.

She found that students are increasingly asking about anal sex, and the rates within the population have increased steadily over time. In 2008, 44 percent of straight men and 36 percent of straight women admitted to having anal sex at least once in their lives.

Apparently there are five reasons that men like to use the back door:

  1. Anal sex is taboo
  2. Pornography has driven the desire and provided “inspiration”
  3. There is a power differential. The man controls the woman’s every move.
  4. Lower risk of pregnancy
  5. Men believe that the “tighter fit” is better

For women, however, it appears as though the emotional connection driven by the trust required to engage in such an act is a turn on. Although there are plenty of comments from women completely uninterested – or indeed grossed out – by the act.

Possibly some of the most interesting information was the dangers of engaging in anal play. That “the HIV virus poses nearly 30 times greater of a risk than vaginal exposure”. And that “anal sex also poses damage to sphincter muscle, which restricts bowel control” and that those who do so should “do Kegels specific to the area to prevent accidental expulsion”.

Of course this topic always garners controversy. On the WSU website page, the following comment was found.

Back Door

This comment was located on the WSU website.

But the best quote of both articles.

Another student, Nicha Ratana-Apiromyakij, has little doubt anal sex is happening at Brown University.

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