Submarine Movie

I found the movie witty and actually quite funny even though it has an overall gloomy feel about it. The story explores the genuine intensity of teenage love – namely a boy named Oliver who is completely infatuated with a girl who tends to have a bullying streak and is quite dominant and unromantic. It reminds viewers of the magnitude of emotions involved when falling in love at that age…

Submarine Movie

Your heart, pure and innocent – before the hurt and pain is completely is given in to another’s. And how you would do anything to try to impress and win over that persons love.

You are at a state where even the slightest movements he/she make can turn your entire world upside down.

With raging hormones and so much information at his grasp it’s quite interesting to see how the movie shows what goes on inside a young mind at that age (whether realistic or not) and how information can be interpreted and perceived.

I enjoyed how personal the movie was and how it explored the world of Oliver which seems to be very realistic for many teenagers now.

Surviving a teen relationship while dealing with the possibilities of your parents splitting up and then to top it all off – complications from a past fling.

Although the movie was comical, it also touches on a very serious topic of teenage suicides, which brings with it a sobering reality and no doubt hits very close to home for some.

I thought the characters were cast really well and enjoyed watching them. I would definitely recommend the movie to others but again, it would have to depend whether you are in the mood for a nostalgic, 1980’s, very British film.

By Christina Hwong
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