The 5th Wave

Have you heard of a little thing called a book hangover? It’s a term I discovered online that relates to books leaving lasting impacts on their readers. This keeps the readers thinking about the book and nothing else after reading it.


That’s exactly how I felt about this book!

The 5th Wave follows the story of Cassie, a survivor of an alien invasion. The problem is she has no idea what the aliens looked like or what they want. It’s her mission to survive in a world with no power, no people and no hope. The only thought that keeps her going is her younger brother and the idea that she will find him and save them both.

The invasion happened in waves, taking out the majority of Earth’s population in just a few months – but another one is coming. Cassie doesn’t know when or how but she can feel it approaching, and now with a strange boy bursting into her life, she begins to question when the 5th wave is?

Rick Yancey has done an incredible job building a story that is not only suspenseful and compelling, but also emotional and thought-provoking. The story is told primarily through Cassie’s eyes, but what makes this story amazing is the change in perspective the reader gets, seeing the story from behind enemy lines and from the perspective of other survivors.

The big pull for this story is the great unknown: who are the aliens? Are they among us, and if so, who can you trust? This question drives the story and is a great segue for more novels and more stories. It leads the reader down a winding path into the invasion, always keeping the reader guessing and shocking them at end of every chapter.

With each wave explained to the reader, the author creates a sense of fear that you can feel coming from the words on the page, as if you are right there alongside Cassie, fighting to survive a losing battle. Her words ring in your ears, “If I am the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity’s last war, then I am the battlefield.”

This truly is a book that will keep you guessing, and, at the conclusion of it, linger in your mind.

By Emily Wilson

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