The Beauty of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of the most popular vacation spots in Canada, mostly during the summer. The east coast is filled with history and Celtic culture, plus the famous hospitality of Maritimer’s keeps visitors coming. The winters are not as friendly as the summers, but the beauty is just the same.

Nova Scotia

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Cape Breton Island, about three hours outside Halifax, is filled with tourist shops and great restaurants, and everywhere you look there is a feeling of home. Even those who aren’t from the area say there is just something about the island that makes them feel like they have been there before. Cape Breton is famous for its pubs, curling and love of lobster. Even when the ocean is half-frozen, seafood is all around. The island captures the simplicity and beauty of the Maritimes, and no matter how far away you are, at one point in your life you should try to visit.

As mentioned earlier, the summers are spectacular. There are beaches all over the island, the temperatures are perfect, rain is scarce and there are a lot of hotspots in the area. The St. Peters Canal is a bridge over the ocean in the middle of a small village and for some reason tourists love it. Bridges are a big thing in Cape Breton – the causeway that links the Cape with the rest of Nova Scotia is another attraction.

The winters are just as beautiful, mostly in early to mid-December and late January. The snowfall isn’t as heavy as it was five years ago, but there is still enough to bring the Canadian flavour. The winter is when curling begins, a popular sport in Nova Scotia. Curling is one of those sports you either like or you don’t. Try and give it a chance in Nova Scotia – observing the audience is entertainment itself.

From near and far, people come from all over to visit Nova Scotia. It is right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the sights and sounds are sure to take your breath away.

By Melina Livermore

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