The Dark Knight Rises ReView

Do not watch this film if you have a weak heart. Amazing action sequences helped The Dark Knight Rises to score 8.9/10 on IMDB.

Christian Bale’s Batman (and Bruce Wayne) must fight the evil and monstrous Bane (a magnificent Tom Hardy) who is terrorising Gotham City. Bruce Wayne, is still suffering from injuries suffered in his past, and this battle proves a difficult challenge for himself and also his trusted butler Alfred (Michael Caine). Marion Cotillard (Miranda) plays Bruce Wayne’s seductive love interest, and wealthy investor.

Commissioner Gordon (Garry Oldman) strives hard to support Batman, and takes a young police officer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) under his wing. Anne Hathaway is great as Selina, the Catwoman-like burglar whose path crosses Batman’s on more than one occasion.

Good and bad inevitably fight, and the audience discovers more about each of the characters and their intricate (and often quite sad) history. Christopher Nolan is up to his usual gambit, and there are a few surprises in store. You have been warned!

The film itself is exciting, and keeps the audience on their toes and the special effects are fantastic (especially the ‘Bat’ vehicle).

Do yourself a favour – if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, go and see it as soon as possible!

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