The Five Year Engagement ReView

Directed by Nicholas Stoller, 5 Year Engagement is a classic romantic comedy with a fairly unique storyline. The film depicts the plight of two lovers destined for a bumpy journey towards happiness as they struggle to make their relationship work in a new environment. As it follows their bumpy road towards marriage it plays on tradition romantic themes and scenarios but fortunately manages to avoid major clichés. It’s definitely a long walk down the aisle for this pair of lovers!

Starring in the film is How I Met Your Mother’s Jason Segel, as Tom Solomon, and actress Emily Blunt, seen in various movies such as The Young Victoria and The Devil Wears Prada, as Violet Barnes.The comedy portrays Jason Segal at his best as his character goes through a series of convincing personality changes and transformations trying to manage with life in a new state. Emily Blunt portrays a much more solid character that definitely seems to wear the pants in the relationship! Her character, Violet, is on the verge of an extremely successful career that sees her pushing boundaries in her field. Suzie, acted by Alison Brie, and Chris Pratt’s character, Alex, act as a vehicle of comparison and provide another relatable example of a journey to happiness.

The modern day romance of Tom and Violet will strike a chord with any lovebirds and, like all good comedies, leave them well on the way to a six pack after an hour and a half packed with laughter. Though it seems bad taste to generate humour from death, the film definitely manages to do so as the passing away of grandparents emphasises the passing of time as the couple continuously prolong their engagement. The scene featuring the two female starlets Emily Blunt and Alison Brie fighting with classic Sesame Street accents is definitely the stand out moment of the movie and leads perfectly to the concluding scenes. Though at one point the audience, packed into the tiny Hoyts cinema, seemed to think there was no possible solution to the couple’s situation the ending definitely pulls it all together.

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