The Great Debate?


Finally the debate the nation has been waiting for. Rudd V Abbott. The showdown! Foreshadowing to the epic conclusion awaiting us all on September 7.


Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott debate

The term “debate” should be applied very loosely to Sunday night’s proceedings, which waxed lyrical on each party’s policies and beliefs and seemed to be more of a summation of the Government’s achievements and a somewhat desperate performance from Mr Abbott as he promised the Coalition would offer further improvements – or, at the very least, far more three word slogans.

I personally kept confusing Labors “A New Way” with the LNPs “A New Hope“.

Mr Abbott at times gave that one-eyebrow-raised look of faux-comprehension as Prime Minister Rudd spoke and it seemed evident to viewers that his inner monologue was screaming “Oh my God, I don’t know what half those words mean..What do I say!?” And when he opened his mouth the only things that came out were, “Uh..Turn back the boats? The NBN’s shit..? Malcolm, tag in, TAG IN!”

While Mr Rudd, in his element,  appeared completely composed, smoothly working his way through Labor’s successes and plans for the future of Australia without having to stretch himself too much to ensure a victory.

A victory would have been harder to call had Tony Abbott risen slightly more to the challenge and didn’t reinforce the ridiculousness by descending into nervous chuckling in place of any substantial discourse.

The return of the Worm as broadcast on Gem showed that a studio audience of swinging voters felt more in favour of Mr Rudd’s arguments. However, there was not a lot of new information presented by either party, and a chance for a truly passionate debate for the future of Australia was somewhat lost in a pretty average display.

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