The Host

If you’re looking for romance film set during an alien invasion with little action and a predictable plot with little developments, then “The Host” is the film for you. Otherwise, I would recommend alternative plans.

The Host

The Host

“The Host” directed by Andrew Niccol, is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer in which aliens, called “seekers”, have taken over human bodies and essentially the world. This film, which is loosely adapted from the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatches” tells the story of a young girl Melanie portrayed by “Saoirse Ronan.” Who despite her body being taken over by an alien known as wanderer, resists and fights back. The majority of this film follows Melanie/Wanderer and a group of survivors with their battle for survival and identity.

Although the plot lends itself so well to an action packed alien invasion film, the movie is almost a polar opposite. As Stephenie Meyer so infamously managed to do in Twilight, she turned a film that should focus upon a supernatural war into a teenage romantic narrative. If you are looking for a romance, then this is quite a good watch. Featuring a messed up love triangle and lots of romantic confusion, which when mixed together with an end of the world scenario, may even cause you to leave the cinema with teary eyes.

Overall if you are interested in “The Host” for its romance and teenage relationships it’s definitely worth seeing, however if your seeking a Science-Fiction Action-Adventure film then you’ve come to the wrong place! There’s more time spent on screen kissing then shooting. Depending on the type of person you are “The Host” could either hit the spot or force you to leave the cinema unsatisfied.


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