The Innkeepers ReView

The Innkeepers is about two ghost hunting employees at an old hotel. The film takes place during the last week of the hotel’s existence and follows Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) as

they try to prove their place of employment is haunted.

While the plot might sound a bit dull, writer/director Ti West (House of the Devil, V/H/S) offers a charming tale of quirky humour as these two spend their time recording mysterious sounds and ignoring the guests.

The story is well paced and offers just the right mixture of humour and horror to make the story engaging

yet frightening. The horror, while somewhat underdeveloped, is of such a standard that it complements the overall quality of the film well.


The acting is good and while there are moments when they might have been better off with a second take, both Paxton and Healy portray enjoyable characters that experience believable reactions in the face of horror. The relationship between the two characters is well developed and is the cause of several of the movies more entertaining moments.

Overall, The Innkeepers is a loveable horror comedy that deals with ghost hunting in a humorous and believable way. The horror does seem a bit underdeveloped and while the ending is never fully explained, the viewer will still be left with fond memories from this film.

Rating: 7/10

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