The Loneliest Planet ReView

A Double ReView of The Loneliest Planet

The Loneliest Planet is the story of Alex and Nica, a young couple who are embarking on a backpacking adventure across the Caucasus Mountains a few weeks before their wedding. They meet a local named Dato who offers to guide them along their journey.
The Loneliest Planet

The Loneliest Planet

Their adventure takes them through hills and mountains where they spend several days and nights hiking and camping while accompanied by their guide. The trio eventually cross paths with three armed men, and their interaction escalates into an incident that passes quickly but has a devastating impact on the couple’s relationship. The incident is believable, and an incredibly human moment, however it is overshadowed by the character’s anticlimactic reaction. Instead of allowing the incident to become the focal point of the story it is swept aside by overly minimalistic scenes of the characters silently continuing their journey. The repeated wide shots and stretches of silence only add to the lack of any emotional connection with the characters.

There is an almost eerie feeling of anticipation throughout most scenes that something is about to happen, and eventually it does, but it takes a full hour to get to that scene, and we are disappointed the characters don’t delve into the emotional fall-out in a way we can relate to.
Whilst this movie is certainly thought provoking, it’s introspective style is not for everyone.
By Emily Flynn
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