US ELECTION 2016: The State of the Race

It has honestly been a rollercoaster ride; one you have probably never seen before.

A hard-nosed white woman and a male chauvinist pig on a journey to secure one of the most important jobs in the world.

We’ve seen the snide comments, the twitter wars and raging protesters from both sides.

Words have been said, locker room conversations had and emails hacked!

The battle comes down to one last day, when the votes are in and the world stands in silence as the news stations announce the next President of the United States of America.

If you have followed the campaign thus far, took off from class to sit with your ears plugged in to the world’s most feisty reality showdown, you would know that the debates have been nothing but fodder for memes and drinking games. With Trumps, constant sniffles and shark like nature it was hard to concentrate on what little policy he had managed to come up with. Hilary was no better with her smug facial expressions and robot-like responses she seemed to be delivering a radio commercial shouting at various gaps ‘fact-check at’. Worse than a car crash these two candidates have managed to conjure up the most scandalous race that any country has ever seen.

It’s a reflection on our society and what we have become as a generation.

If we look at the two candidates we can see how much they represent the society we are in today.




Senator Hilary Clinton with more than thirty years of experience in the political arena has a long list of credentials and experience to support her. She is widely qualified to be the next President and the White House is literally her second home. Yet, this is not enough for the American people –it’s not enough to have years of experience, credentials that put most men to shame and a list of references that include two Presidents. We want to see more, someone entertaining, dramatic and social media worthy.  

We want Donald Trump, the sleazy celebrity with no filter. Who says what most people aren’t thinking and has never understood the meaning of using ‘politically correct’ terminology. That’s what it’s reduced to, forget her policies, forget progression, forget breaking the strongest glass ceiling and making history. We are fed up of progress – it’s enough! Too many plans and structured ideas – we are from a different blood we don’t need years of experience and a strong personality. What we need is an entrepreneur, someone with a unique idea, with the drive and personality to make the country ‘GREAT AGAIN’.

Our generation has this mentality of a quick fix, we buy into this ideology of ‘entrepreneurship’ because we see people who are less intelligent than us, less educated and less experienced making millions off a you tube channel or a reality TV. We don’t value hard work, qualifications and years of experience – we value the ‘idea’.  We believe than a ‘Great Idea’ can solve our problems – it’s not our fault we see it our news feed every day! Take the viral video recently about a Pen and Apple or Pineapple – something like that – what educational or intellectual value does that video have? Yet it reached almost 3 billion views. Yes, because you decided that content was worth sharing! Maybe you didn’t think about the impact or mindless nonsense you were sharing in society – but you were still part of it!

Donald Trump is exactly this; he is mindless content which has entertained and grabbed our attention for so long that we have clicked the share button so many times it got out of control. He is different, unique and doesn’t look like anything we have seen before – a funny joke to laugh about – but has the joke gone too far? Are we thinking someone who has no respect for women, no experience as a politician and no qualifications can lead the Free World?

As night falls and the polls are counted we await to see which  candidate America decided to SHARE with us!


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