Top Tips For New Students

Plenty of people move cities, and even states for uni. A surprising number of students come to Australia from over seas. Even if you’re staying in the same area, moving out of home can be a big challenge.

I’m writing some tips: what to take with you when you move, what to investigate straight away, and what to avoid like the plague!

1. Avoid buying new furniture if you can!

Setting up a new house can be really expensive, and furniture is a big part of that. If you’re not moving far you can often scab some off Mum, Dad and other relatives, but when you’re moving state or country, you can’t exactly take your bed on the plane with you.

Second hand armchair that has had plenty of use!

Second hand armchair that has had plenty of use!

My advice is to look in op shops first. Even Ikea is (for the most part) more expensive than second hand goods. You can almost always find chairs, tables, and desks at op shops, but don’t limit yourself. Saving a few dollars per plate, picking up pots for $2 instead of $10… It all adds up. Plus you end up with an eclectic mix of stuff, often of better quality. And for the rest of your time at uni, they’ll make great conversation starters!

Electrical items can be harder to find at op shops, but fridges are often for sale on uni noticeboards, and there are heaps of 99c bargains up on ebay and gumtree. A word of warning, be sure to test what you’re buying, preferably before you pay!

Finally, if you’re lucky with your timing, there’s almost always good stuff to be salvaged from hard rubbish too!

The next top tip for new students will provided in the coming days. Stay tuned!
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