Don’t be scared to talk to other students!

It might feel like you’re all alone in a huge new city, but the fact of the matter is that heaps of uni students feel the same way. Even the people who are continuing to live with their parents, are leaving their high school friends.

Don't be afraid to talk to other students!

Don’t be afraid to talk!

Most people end up at uni with one or two friends from their school there if they’re lucky. Those friends are probably doing different courses, and different subjects. When you rock up to your first lecture of the year there’s a good chance that no one knows anyone else.

If approaching a group is too scary, sit next to someone else who’s sitting alone. Innocuous conversation starters could include:
-My name is _____
-Is there a text book for this subject?
-Do you know many people here?

You probably won’t find a new best mate your first try, but you might over time. In the short term, you have a buddy to sit with, in class at least.

Other options for getting to know students include joining student clubs or groups. These groups often have facebook groups that can help you make friends online first. This can be great if you’re shy in person.

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