Students always procrastinate, but you may as well do it productively

Top Tips for students 3

Top Tips for students 3

We all procrastinate. Some of us do it by watching Youtube videos, others by spending hours on Facebook. Most of us procrastinate in a way that uses up time but gives us nothing back. There’s a better way.

I’m not saying don’t procrastinate: we all know that’s not going to happen. What I’m saying is procrastinate by doing the dishes. Clear off your desk. Plant a herb garden, or bake cookies.

Yes, you’ll still have insane amounts of work to do tomorrow, but procrastinating productively can mean the difference between going to bed guilty, stressed and depressed, and going to bed stressed, but with a feeling of satisfaction. Plus, your housemates will love you!

Finally, procrastinating productively can mean that tomorrow morning when you wake up with a whole lot of study to do, you’re ready to do it. If you procrastinate un-productively, then you wake up and still need to buy groceries before lunch, you don’t have any clean dishes to eat off, and you may have to wear dirty clothes as well.

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