End of Semester is Hell

Most students, during the first week or two of the uni semester, are well and truly on top of things. They’re working a day or two a week, going to all (well, most of) their classes and still have plenty of time to relax.

Tips for Students

Tips for Students

But then it’s June, and suddenly you have 5000 words spread over various assignments due on the same day and two exams three days later. Or worse, it’s November: You have the exact same assignments due, but you also have your boss asking you to work more in the lead-up to Christmas and cover for another employee who’s going on holidays.

Anyway you slice it – no matter how relaxed you feel in the first three weeks of semester – the end of semester is HELL. I’m not exaggerating. You will not have time to cook dinner. The one night you do cook, your food will go cold because you don’t have time to eat it. You will be trying to get by on four hours sleep a night. Life is horrible.

How is this a tip you ask? Well, mostly it’s a warning. Especially in your first year, it’s a shock. However, there are things you can do to make the end of semester easier for you.
– Keep up with classes. Don’t go into SWOTVAC with 36 hours of lectures to listen to.
– Start essays as soon as you’re given the topics. Don’t wait until the weekend before you have all of them due. It may work for one essay, but not four.
– Tell your boss that uni is your first priority. If you’re a good worker, they’ll suck it up and have someone cover you. There’s plenty of time to make money during the three-month summer holiday 🙂

Above all, don’t get to week 8 and decide you’re coping fine, then take on something new! We’ve all done it, but it rarely works, no matter how confident you’re feeling.

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