Health is Important

This one relates really nicely to the previous ‘Top Tips’ post: ‘End of Semester is Hell’. If you’re struggling at the beginning of semester, it’s only going to get worse. You’re going to become more sleep deprived, eat more chocolate and sacrifice riding your bike for cramming on the tram.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

If you do enough of this, you’re going to get sick. And let me tell you, getting sick a week before SWOTVAC is a disaster, especially if you’re so run down it takes two weeks to recover. I should know – I just did it.

Health is something most young people take for granted. But in the lead-up to a period you know is already going to be stressful for your body, I highly recommend you eat healthy, sleep enough and commit to some ‘you time’.

While I’ve been at uni, I’ve let other elements of my health slide as well. When you’re living on Centrelink, it can be hard to justify paying $150 twice a year to see the dentist. The problem is, you’re going to be at uni for a minimum of three years. In that time, a $150 clean can easily turn into a $300 filling, or even a root canal that will cost a few thousand dollars. If you’re really so strapped for cash that you can’t afford a clean, there are bulk billing dentists, just like there are doctors. Use them.

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