Transformer Pen

Transformer Pen - Student View

Transformer Pen - Student View

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Optimus Prime Transformer Pen!

So, you’re sitting in class or at an office, writing down notes and doodling because you’re bored out of your brain. You wish something exciting would happen at this very moment or you’re trying to come up with a better way of wasting time. Well, brace yourselves, because here it is: introducing the one and only Optimus Prime Transformer Pen!

It’s a pen that you’ll love to use. It actually makes you want to take down notes and study. Ok, fine, maybe I am over exaggerating but you can’t deny that it is a pretty cool looking pen. It’s designed and manufactured by a toy and figure company called Sentinel Co Ltd and it comes in three variations – Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime and a special edition Ultra Magnus.

As you can see, the pen is made with an amazing amount of detail.

It stands at 10.5 cm tall in figure form with moveable joints, allowing it to pose with blaster weapons in various positions. From a glance, it is difficult to deduce that it is anything other than a toy.

Kids, if your school has a ban on toys, this is how you smuggle them in. If you’re caught, justify its presence on school grounds by transforming it back into pen form and state that it is merely a writing device, a very fancy looking writing device. There is truly more to this pen than meets the eye.

I tried to look for some on ebay and the search results came up with this:

transformer - student view

The actual Optimus Prime Transformer Pen was fourth on the results list. It was sold for $69 when I checked. Cool toys are always expensive. I think I’ll just go back to building catapults out of rulers and erasers for amusement.

By: Marina

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