An Umbilical Review

In their latest instalment You are taken on a joyous roller coaster ride of the minds of the Umbilical Brothers on a tangent you may not expect but will hilariously respect!!!

The Playhouse is the perfect venue for the talented duo as they perform a kids show.. or is it? To a grownup audience. The show inclined from witnessing two average actors acting like idiots on stage to two extremely talented performing artists. They manipulate their body and voice to create the ultimate viewing experience which not all comedians have the capacity to do.

Umbilical Brothers

You are willingly forced into following the theatrical style of non naturalism and you will LOVE it! Through the use of gesture and sound you are introduced to a character who does not exist physically but he is there. This was a seamless performance and you can see the performing relationship between Dave and Shane is so strong and that is what makes their work so tight and perfectly executed.

There is clear Brechtian influence in this production. Soundscapes, direct addressing to the audience and song are some of the theatrical conventions that The Umbilical Brothers adapt in their work and the audience is not bewildered either! Despite the title, this is not a traditional kids show, nothing like the Brady Bunch… we’ll not really, you will have to see for yourself!Get on board the Umbies crazy train because this ain’t no typical stand up experience, it’s a production of belly felt laughter, curiosity and amazement. Go and check them out, the shows are reasonably priced and you won’t regret the spectacular experience… they even do signings and photos after the show to complete your Umbies Experience!

The Umbilical Brothers in KiDShoW (Not Suitable For Children)

The Playhouse Theatre Arts Centre Melbourne

Price Range: $34-$39 
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