The Unique Art of Millie Brown

Mille Brown Vomit Painting

You may or may not have heard about the fan who threw up on Lady Gaga at her SXSW concert.

Gaga was up for the entire thing, watching as the fan drank green liquid then proceeded to throw up down her chest and shoulders. At the end of the performance the two women hugged it out, leaving some of the audience scratching their heads as to what just happened.

The fan is actually 27 year old London based artist Millie Brown, who has a unique way of creating her art.

She starves herself for two full days before heading to her art studio and drinking different coloured milk. She has explained that she does not eat before an art piece so that the milk does not mix with anything else that could be in her stomach.

After drinking the colourful milk, she sticks her fingers down her throat and regurgitates the milk onto her canvas. She does not plan the splatter of the milk, she lets it fall in it’s own direction, creating it’s own splattered shape. She times each colour separately, giving her body a chance to recover and making sure that the colours don’t mix. She started this process in 2005, after she became bored with the “normal” ways of canvas art.

Photo from Brown creating one of her pieces.

Photo from
Brown creating one of her pieces.

There is speculation that perhaps Brown has an eating disorder, and her art is her way of covering that. This is not the case; Brown only throws up when she is making a piece, never after she has eaten. And not eating two days prior is what she feels best for her art and herself. This “vomit artist” has been featured in, Buzzfeed, and appeared in Lady Gaga’s music video Exorcist Interlude in which she uses Gaga’s white dress as her canvas.

Controversy is sure to follow this artist wherever she may go, but one thing is for sure, her art is beautiful and her method is nothing far from strange, yet captivating. So strange that she earned a place in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum and book, her certificate honouring her with “Creating Vomit Art.”

Feel free to follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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