UTAS Legal Service Popular with International Students

UTAS Legal

The University of Tasmania is now offering legal advice for international students.

Since offering this service, the Student Legal Service has seen a 60% increase in contact and enquiries. When the service was shut over the summer period, a great number of enquiries received were relating to migration.

The inclusion of migration services was instigated due to the high level of demand from seminars run in 2013. Students made contact with the SLS from places including China, Europe and India.

The University of Tasmania’s international student population is significantly less than the average university. Only 12% of students are international – whereas most other universities have about 25% international students.

As a result, the university reportedly intends on welcoming a greater number of international students in the future to keep in line with the national university average.

The Student Legal Service is manned by volunteer senior year legal students, with assistance from the Tenant’s Union of Tasmania, Women’s Legal Service and Environmental Defenders Office.

If you’re interested in UTAS legal services, please visit their website.

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