VCE students to sit online exams

online testing

VCE exams could be conducted online, under a State Government plan.

A new online system that will begin with English and Maths tests for primary school students will eventually be used for VCE exams.

Education Minister Martin Dixon says the program will be gradually phased in to ensure the integrity of the VCE.

“Security of assessment is very, very important, especially in the later years and especially in the VCE. They’re pretty high stakes and its important that we get that right, right from the start. We think it’s very natural that the assessments, even VCE assessments, end up online.”

Clearly the plan is to ensure a seamless transition covering each stage of education.

“Rather than have assessment tools all over the web, teachers having to find them, we want to bring them to the one location… actually have testing available from early childhood, even early childhood health, right to the VCE.”

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