Vivid Festival: Imogen Heap ReView

On the 28th of May Imogen Heap graced the Opera House with her immeasurable talent as she sung into the night to a very privileged audience and a crowd of internet viewers streaming the show live on YouTube. With personal anecdotes that ranged from how she wrote each song and her inspirations to falling in love at first sight Imogen spun the audience into a web of enchantment with her dialogue and made her way into their hearts with her voice.

The performance was an entirely different set up to Imogen’s usual layout. The songstress is known for an elaborate configuration and combination of technological sounds and effects which she controls with a pair of seemingly magical custom gloves that are linked up to the sound controls. However, this laid back version of Imogen is surprisingly refreshing and a relaxing way to spend the evening. The night commenced with the beautiful ‘Lifeline’ and an explanation of how the song was composed. Imogen explains the album version of the song is comprised of a series of sounds selected from hundreds that were emailed to her. The sounds range from the heartbeat of a baby still in the womb to a slinky falling down the stairs. However, this version, like each song played on the night, was just her voice and the piano with the music video displayed on three huge screens behind her.

The self-admitted nervous songstress played a series of other songs all set to be the first tracks on her upcoming album. She explained her song writing process to the enthused audience discussing how she focused on one song every few months to allow her time to balance the music industry responsibilities and work with the rest of her life. A couple of the songs had only been heard by a handful of people prior to the night making the audience even more privileged as Imogen allowed them into her private bubble of music and writing.  Imogen’s heartfelt rambling made the ambience exceedingly ethereal as she plays her songs in “ways there were never meant to be heard”.

To conclude the night Imogen opened the floor to audience requests for the final song and the unanimous shouts of “Hide and Seek” secured it as the concluding tune. As the tender tone of the song swum through the air the audience sat entranced as the songstress played through the emotive track. Though the night had its quirky moments with the occasional technical hitch or gimmick and an unusual amount of speech from the star it was definitely a magical night and rapturous applause followed the final piano notes and the crowd’s adoration of Imogen was spectacularly evident.

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