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Why are Tattoos Popular? Arm Tattoo on Student View

Twenty years ago, despite Grunge being at its peak and most celebrities having tattoos, they weren’t accepted in common society. Many workplaces refused to hire those with visible tattoos, no matter what they were, and strange looks were often given to those displaying ink. More recently, tattoos have become widely accepted, and here are a few reasons why:

Why are Tattoos Popular? Arm Tattoo on Student View

Song lyrics have always been the popular go-to tattoo. This one reads “We are born innocent” from Sarah McLachlan’s Adia.

1. According to CBS news, tattoos are more accepted in the workforce because they are a form of self expression, and everyone is being told to show who they really are. Everyone from doctors, to students to lawyers is sporting tattoos. In 2009, a study was conducted that showed that 23 percent of college students have between 1 and 3 tattoos.

2. Tattoos are meaningful to most people. There are still a few people who will get that one name they regret, but overall tattoos represent a meaningful experience or person in someone’s life.

3. Photographers love them. Within the past 5 years, tons of tattoo photography books have been published, changing the way people perceive tattoos. Previously the amount of effort, detail and time the artist put in was not always recognized.

4. You have them for life. Some people consider this a negative rather than a positive, but the point of a tattoo is that it’s permanent. Your favourite book might fall apart, and the ring from your great-grandmother might lose its shine; but a tattoo lasts. What better way to remember a loved one or item than by getting phrases or drawings tattooed in memory? The actual object might not be with you forever, but the place in your heart and body will be.

More and more people are becoming accepting of tattoos. They’re no longer just for sailors, soldiers and bikers. No matter what your background, race or profession is, tattoos can symbolize something significant in your life.

By Melina Livermore

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