Youth (AICE Israeli Film Festival)


Youth (HaNoar in Hebrew) is an Israeli/German drama feature film set to make its Australian premiere this August alongside many other works of Israeli cinema during this year’s AICE Israeli Film Festival. It tells the story of two brothers who are desperate to keep their family from losing their home due to debt. Despite one brother working in a cinema and the other being enlisted in the army, they just can’t make ends meet. Because of the assault rifle issued to enlisted Israeli troops, the brothers see an opportunity to get their family out of debt once and for all; the kidnapping and ransom of a daughter of a wealthy Israeli man yet due to their desperation, the act is undertaken with poor planning and results in an even poorer execution.

This Israeli feature presented an idiosyncratic socio-political comment about violence and availability of arms within Israeli society due to the ever-growing disparity between the upper and middle class within Israel. The film compels audiences to question the motives, values and ethics that drive each and every character, in a way which is neither enjoyable for the audience or repelling for them. Instead, it draws an audience into a point in which you seriously consider what actions you might take in similar grueling circumstances.

“Youth” is set to be shown amongst 15 other Israeli feature films and six Israeli documentaries at this year’s Australia Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE) Film Festival. This year, marks the 10th year of the AICE Film Festival and this year “Youth” along with the rest of the AICE line up is set to hit cinemas several australian locations within august; Sydney (13th-27th), Melbourne (14th-27th), Canberra (15th-21st), Adelaide (15th-20th), Brisbane (20th-25th and Byron Bay (22nd-28th) and for venues, times and prices visit the AICE Israeli Film Festival website:

This thought-provoking film presented a questioning, seemingly simply, but complex piece which forces the audience to ponder on convoluted issues. Whether or not the film is worth a watch depends on what you’re after. The film shouldn’t be taken lightly. That is, I wouldn’t recommend it for a enjoyable social outing, however if you’re looking to be challenged through cinema it may just be worth your time.


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